How to use FlipMyDeals Cashback

Don’t worry, If you are new at Flipmydeals we will guide you with each and every step to multiply your Earning

(1) Visit your Favorite store using Search Button or Directly choose STORE from the menu.

Use Search Option to Identify Store
Direct Store Search on Menu

(2) Select your Coupon or Deal from your visited store.

Coupons Offer
Deals Offer

(3) To get Cashback you must be Registered with Flipmydeals. So before applying for any Coupons or Deals you must Register yourself with us. If you not interested to get Cashback then you can Skip this option to continue with the Offer.

(4) If you are applying for a Coupon Code, Just copy that code and visit to the store via “GRAB YOUR OFFERED LINK HERE”. If you are selecting any Deal just activate it, you will be get through on offered link.

Note : You can also purchase Products through our Product Feeds. Some of the Products can provide Cashback but some of them are not. If you have any Query, just raise a ticket for the same.